Life can be difficult for all of us from time to time. We may feel uncertain and trapped in painful emotions. Having a non-judgmental, supportive space to think through what feels wrong can be helpful. We are able to make new meaning when someone listens, helps us focus in on what is important, understands our challenges, and grasps who we really are. We begin to understand our own stories and become able to shed new light on older, outdated narratives. We untangle from the repetitive pain we impose on our selves, family, partners, and friends, and begin to take charge of our lives.

During my more than ten years as a therapist I have helped people change long standing behaviors, recover hope and self-confidence, become more self reflective, work through difficult feelings, come to terms with past losses and traumas, find new independence, and improve relationships with their selves and others. I work with each of my patients as individually as possible because our culture, race, personal history and unique attributes shape who we are.